Barbara Windsor blasts ‘undisciplined’ Enders cast

Actress Barbara Windsor has hit out at the younger generation of EastEnders cast members, calling them ‘undisciplined, mobile phone-obsessed youngsters’.

Speaking to Rob Brydon on his BBC2 show the veteran star – who played soap legend Peggy Mitchell from 1994-2010 – also criticised cast members for dressing too casually, turning up late and spending time texting between takes.

“Everybody was late or everybody was talking on their mobiles,” she said of her return to the soap in 2005 following a two-year break.

However she added that she did not blame the cast members themselves, but pointed the finger at BBC bosses for not reprimanding them for their behaviour.

“It was not their fault as it starts at the top. If they are not taught it then it is not there,” she said. “A lot of the young stars have not had to work their way up.

“If you are on EastEnders, you can go into Tesco and everybody knows you. I used to tell them off.”

The 74-year-old also revealed that she fell out with co-star Jessie Wallace – who plays Kat Moon – over punctuality, and said she did not approve of others being late or badly dressed.

“Punctuality is important to me. You have to be early and dressed. There were no jeans in my day,” Barbara revealed.

“When I started off, if you were late you got a ticking off. Then you got a fine and then you were out.”

She also hinted that a return to EastEnders would not be entirely out of the question, telling Brydon, “Never say never” when asked if she might make a comeback.