Barbara Windsor: Peggy refuses to give up on Phil!

EastEnders‘ Barbara Windsor speaks to Soaplife as Peggy calls time next week…

How does Peggy feel having Phil back home?

“Peggy’s heartbroken when she finds Phil slumped in some sort of drugs den. But it puts the fighting spirit back into her and she gets Phil home determined to sort him out.”

Can she help him?

“The rest of the family think Peggy’s crazy as Phil’s behaving like an animal, but she soldiers on and locks him up. Peggy’s doing what she thinks is best for Phil as she loves him so much. She won’t give up on him.”

But he breaks out of the room as she’s in full hostess mode for Janine and Ryan’s wedding reception. What happens?

“A big argument starts between them and Phil starts smashing bottles. He accuses Peggy of loving The Vic more than him. He dares her to deny it and when she doesn’t he threatens to burn down the pub.”

And he does, when he drops a match and the Vic goes up in flames… Does Peggy get out?

“Rather than run for her life she wants to try to stop the fire. But Phil grabs the extinguisher off her and the fire gets out of control too quickly and she’s forced to flee with everyone else.”

Does she make it out of the Vic?

“Peggy makes it out alive, but then realises Phil hasn’t. He’s trying to break into the till for money and a beam falls and knocks him out.”

What does Peggy do?

“Once she is outside, Peggy goes back in to find him.”

What about Stacey?

“Peggy doesn’t think that Stacey is still inside. She is just focused on finding Phil, but Stacey is trapped upstairs where Lily had been sleeping.”

Tune in To EastEnders on Thursday 9 September to find out who makes it out alive, and who doesn’t!