BBC One controller resigns over Queengate

The BBC One controller Peter Fincham has resigned after the publication of a report into the faked editing of the Queen supposedly storming off in a huff.

At a BBC One season launch in July, a trailer appeared to show the Queen marching off angrily during a photo-shoot with renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz.

But it soon became apparent that the production company behind A Year With the Queen had edited two scenes together to make it appear as if she was angry.

On Friday, the BBC director-general Mark Thompson said: “Serious mistakes were made”.

They put ‘misleading information about the Queen into the public domain’, he said.

“That is why we are determined to take all necessary steps to address the shortcomings set out in this report.”

The RDF Media chief creative officer, Stephen Lambert, who edited the scenes, has also resigned.

The report, written by former BBC executive Will Wyatt, criticised serious mistakes at the BBC and RDF Media. He said there were misjudgements and poor practice at a senior level, and that the BBC devolved too much responsibility to the production company.

The BBC has inroduced a series of new measures to tighten editorial standards.

In a letter, Mr Fincham said it was ‘with great regret’ that he had quit.

“I have had the tremendous privilege of leading BBC One through a period where the channel has undergone creative renewal,” he said.

“I believe we have made some really great programmes.

“While I leave the channel with great sadness, I am tremendously proud of what I and my team have achieved,” he added.

(Picture courtesy BBC)

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