It’s been two weeks since Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) was all set to tell his smitten girlfriend, Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald), that they were history and he’s gay.

Then he’d be free to pursue a relationship with Pam and Les Coker’s grandson, Paul (Jonny Labey), on EastEnders.

Paul was waiting in the wings, knowing Ben was about to tell all, but then Abi returned from her skiing trip with an injury and Ben couldn’t bring himself to make her feel even worse. And there’s been drama galore since then, when Abi secretly discovered Ben’s feelings for Paul, and then scheming Aunt Babe (Annette Badland) helped convince her to pretend she was pregnant to hold on to her man.

So with Ben eventually deciding to stand by Abi and be a good dad, she plans to get pregnant by him as soon as possible! 


Abi might think she’s created a ‘happy family’ scenario, but she’s floored when Ben tells her he thinks he’s contracted an STD after sleeping with someone else.


Ben tells a distressed Abi that he’ll need to be tested at a clinic, as will she and their ‘baby’. So not only is Abi dealing with Ben’s cheating, she has to go through futher pregnancy pretence!


Later, when Abi confides in meddling Babe and confesses that she and Ben have to abstain from sleeping together while waiting for the STD test results, Babe comes up with a further shocking solution. Will Abi do as she suggests?

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