Vinnie’s son Callum turns up in EastEnders next week – and he’s after Stacey, warns actor Elliott Jordan…

Why has Vinnie’s son Callum suddenly turned up in the Square?

“He dropped by to see his dad because he’d been chucked out of this flat for sleeping with all three girl housemates. He was just passing through, but now he’s seen Stacey he’s decided to stick around.”

But Stacey’s married and back with Bradley!

“Callum’s not the type to be put off by a wedding ring! He’s captivated by Stacey. There’s chemistry between them and he thinks it wouldn’t be there if she really loved Bradley.”

So he reckons she fancies him, too?

“At first he’s the one staring at her but then he catches her looking right back. He feels certain she’s keen on him.”

Why’s he making friends with Bradley if he’s after his wife?

“He really likes Bradley and you’d think that would make him back down, but he doesn’t. He’s very selfish.”

And what about Danielle? He asks her out doesn’t he?

“Danielle is a pretty girl and is the sort Callum would go for, but what he really loves is a strong woman. He’s only asking Danielle out because he thinks it will make Stacey jealous.”

If Stacey keeps knocking him back will he get the message and go away?

“No. He’s infatuated by her and he’s sure he’s in with a chance. Callum’s cocky and he’s used to getting what he wants. He believes 100 per cent that Stacey is fighting an attraction to him and will eventually give in.”

Poor Bradley then…

“Yes! As far as Callum can see, Stacey loves Bradley, but she’s not in love with him. Callum has caught her eye. It’s only a matter of time…”