The Fowlers were stunned to learn about Michelle's affair with teenage Preston on EastEnders tonight - and his girlfriend, Bex, is CRUSHED, says star Jasmine Armfield

With the truth out in the open, Michelle’s world comes crashing down as she is forced to face the fall-out from the revelation of her affair with Preston in EastEnders. How will her friends and family react to the shocking news? As the pressure increases, Michelle loses control leading to disastrous consequences.

Preston has been dating her niece, Bex, and actress Jasmine Armfield explains how her teenage character is feeling…

How is Bex feeling now the truth is out?
“I think she’s very upset! It didn’t go to plan with Shakil, but then she found someone who was really lovely. But it was a lie. So the main emotion she feels I think is betrayal from both Michelle and Preston. Although mainly Michelle!”
EastEnders - Michelle and Preston

What made her realise Louise was telling the truth?
“I think Bex just didn’t want to believe her. She went to ask Michelle at one point just before she went on stage, but then she stopped herself. I don’t think Bex wanted to believe it. But reality soon hit.”

Who is she most angry at?
“I would say she’s angrier at Michelle. Of course she’s angry at Preston, but Michelle is her aunty. Michelle just let it happen.”

How did she feel about Preston?
“I don’t think it was as serious as Shakil because he was her first love. But I think she really invested a lot of time in Preston and there were definitely a lot of serious feelings there. She’s so upset because she thought she had this fabulous new boyfriend and it was all going really well. She thought she had a friend who would listen to her, which I think she needs at the minute. But in actual fact he wasn’t there for her at all, he was just using her.”

How is this going to change things for Bex?
“I think for Bex it’s going to be very difficult for her to trust someone again. She’s going to find that really hard. It’s not going to help things with Madison and Alexandra, either. Bex really isn’t having a good time at the moment.”

Louise is the one who told her, will this change anything?
“I think Louise telling Bex shows to a certain extent that she does care for her still. However what happened the other day in the toilets, when Bex got attacked and Louise did nothing, takes quite a toll on their relationship. I don’t think they can just rekindle their relationship.”

How is this going to impact on Bex?
“We’re definitely going to see a more guarded Bex over the next few weeks. She’s going to be so understandably angry with Michelle. I’m not sure it’s something she’s just going to forget any time soon. I think it’s going to help Bex in the long term, though. She’s going to stand up for herself much more.”

What next for Bex?
“I think she’s going to be struggling with a lot over the next few months, especially with school and friends. I think she’s really going to find out who her real friends are. It’s going to be a bumpy period for her and Louise but who knows if Bex can forgive her?

How is she coping without her mum?
“I think every girl needs her mum. As much as Bex brushes it off and says ‘I have Stacey, and Martin’ I think she really needs her mum. I think everyone at times needs a hug from their mum and to be told it’s all going to be OK.”

What’s it been like playing this storyline?
“It’s been so much fun and I’ve loved absolutely every single minute of it. Everyone I’ve worked with has been absolutely great. It’s been so good to do things I’ve never done before, I love a new challenge. I’ve really enjoyed all of it.”

What’s in been like playing Bex and Louise’s fallout when you’re such good friends with Tilly Keeper?
“It’s hard (laughs)! In real life we get on so well. It can be hard to fake arguments sometimes, but we always get it done. It’s great we’re good friends in real-life because when do have those scenes where Bex and Louise are horrible to each other we can just have a hug and laugh at the end of it.”

If you could give some advice to Bex what would it be?
“I’d say speak out, don’t bottle it up. Talk to someone about it.”