Bianca: Back with a bang!

As Bianca moves back to Albert Square, actress Patsy Palmer promises it will be Bianca and Rickaaay all over again!

Bianca’s kids are in care. Is she a bad mum?

“Not at all. They’ve only just gone into care because they were all homeless. Bianca is terrified people will think she is an unsuitable mother and is desperate to get them back.”

She turns up at Pat’s… Is she hoping that her nan will take them in?

“She has no one else to turn to but when she sees how distraught Pat is after Frank’s death she thinks ‘I can’t tell her all my crap. She doesn’t need it’.”

Why didn’t she ask Ricky for help?

“Because he dumped his son Liam back with her when his fiancée Melinda virtually told him it was her or his son. Ricky hasn’t seen Liam for a year. But also she’s too proud to ask for help.”

Where is the kids’ dad in all this?

“Bianca has three other kids as well as Liam but they haven’t all got the same father. There’s her stepdaughter Whitney, 15, who is the daughter of her husband who died. Then there’s Tiffany, 5, and Morgan, 2, whose father is her current partner Tony. But Tony’s in prison which is why she’s in this mess.”

What did he do?

“He’s in for GBH but it’s not what is seems. Tony had a go at this kid who was tormenting Whitney. The kid was 6ft and had a knife. Tony grabbed the kid and got done for GBH.”

Pat says she and the kids can move in with her. Will Bianca take up the offer?

“She’s about to but then Pat secretly lets Ricky know Bianca’s at hers. He turns up all indignant that Liam’s in care and she lets rip at him that he has father’s rights when it suits him.”

Is she angry with Pat for betraying her?

“She’s not happy but she’ll do anything to get her kids back. She tells the social worker they’re going to be living with her nan… then says her and Ricky are back together!”

What does Ricky think of that?

“He goes along with it and Bianca gets the kids back.”

Do Bianca and Ricky start to get along then?

“It’s a struggle because one minute she and Ricky are OK then one of them says something out of order and it turns nasty. Like when Ricky says he’s going to take Liam away from her.”

Will he really?

“She’ll do all she can to stop him.”

Does Bianca know her uncles Jack and Max?

“They’re her mum’s brothers so yes, but not well. She gets to know her cousin Bradley and Tanya when Dot throws a party to welcome her and the kids.”

What are Bianca and her kids like as a family?

“Noisy… but they’re actually a lot of fun.”

What do your real-life kids think of you playing Bianca again?

“My six-year-old daughter Emilia was going around the house shouting ‘Rickaaay!’ the other day. I thought ‘How does she know about that, she wasn’t even born then.’ But then that’s never stopped. People still come past my window at 11pm at night, drunk, shouting ‘Rickaaay!'”

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