Billy’s Honeymoon is over!

Jay makes Billy face it that Honey’s never coming back, says EastEnders star Perry Fenwick.

Billy can’t accept Honey’s gone for good, can he?

“Billy desperately wants Honey and the kids to come back and has been trying to convince himself it will happen. He keeps leaving phone messages for Honey as if they’re still together.”

Jay’s back in the Square and tries to talk some sense into him…

“It’s the first time Billy’s seen Jay since he moved away to live with his granddad Bert. Jay tries to get through to Billy by telling him Honey will never be coming home but he won’t listen.”

It’s Jay who finds the locked room Billy keeps as a shrine to Honey… What’s that all about?

“Billy wants to be totally prepared for when Honey and his children return and everything’s set up for them, including bunk beds and toys. Honey and the kids mean everything to Billy and he’d give anything to have them back. He just can’t accept he’s lost them for good.”

How does Jay react?

“He tells Billy it’s weird to have a shrine to your ex and forces Billy to face up to the fact that Honey won’t be coming home. So Billy calls her and leaves a message to say he won’t try to get in touch with her any more.”

Will he still see the kids?

“Of course he will. He’d never turn his back on them and I’m sure he’ll always make regular visits.”

Does Billy feel he’s let down Jay too?

“He does. He tells Jay he hasn’t been a very good father figure to him. Poor Billy… he seems to fail at everything he attempts in life and he really wanted to be there for Jay.”

Billy doesn’t know it yet but Jay’s homeless. How’s he surviving?

“He’s stealing out-of-date food from the back of the Minute Mart and selling it at a knockdown price. Billy’s furious when he finds out.”

But then he joins in! Do they get caught?

“A copper rumbles the pair of them and tells Patrick who fires Billy from his cleaning job. Billy’s gutted.”

Does Billy wonder why Jay’s constantly at the flat?

“Jay keeps making excuses but eventually he admits to Billy that he isn’t living with Bert and wants to move back in.”

How does Billy feel about that?

“He’s overjoyed. He sees it as a fresh start and he’s determined to be there for Jay. This time he doesn’t want to get it wrong. However he soon realises being a father figure can be tough. He won’t give up though. Jay’s all he’s got now.”

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