Bradley finds a new love!

Bradley‘s new four-legged friend could be the start of something big, says EastEnders star Charlie Clements…

What Bradley needs is a new love. What Bradley gets is puppy love. But there’s a twist to the puzzling plot when St Bernard dog Gumbo brings a beautiful lady into his life. And he could certainly do with a bit of romantic relief when he finds himself shacked up with his dad Max and Phil and Ben Mitchell!

“Tanya wants the house for herself and the kids and asks Max to speak to Bradley about moving. It’s not out of choice he ends up with Max at Phil‘s.”

And moving back to Dot’s isn’t an option?

“Bradley was happy at Dot’s but when Nick and Dotty came along he wasn’t comfortable. He didn’t like Nick from the word go.”

How does this effect Bradley’s relationship with Dot?

“He’s worried about how fond Dot is of Dotty, too, as it means Nick has her where he wants her. Even so he does ask Dot if he can go back to live there but she puts him off.”

The worst thing about living at Phil’s is having to spend so much time with Max…

“Bradley’s tolerating Max but he’ll never really forgive him for going off with Stacey.”

Talking of Stacey… are his hopes lifted when he finds out she’s split up with Callum?

“I think he’ll always have feelings for her. But he won’t be going back there in 2009. He has to move on with the right girl who loves him as he is.”

Will Bradley find his true love?

“He deserves it. Bradley is a decent guy. He’d be a lot better off if he didn’t let people walk all over him but that’s Bradley for you.”

And that’s how he ends up with Gumbo…

“He stops to help a man with a flat tyre and gives him a lift to a lock-up. Once there the man gives him a phone number, asks him to look after what’s in the lock-up then runs off.”

How does Bradley react?

“When he opens the lock-up Gumbo leaps out and Bradley being Bradley can’t just leave him. At first he’s annoyed but they form a bond.”

And with a new woman as a result?

“Right now I think Gumbo’s better for Bradley than a girlfriend. He’s still wary about getting involved with another woman.”

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