It’s goodbye Mr Nice Guy when Bradley tells his dying dad he wishes him dead and gone, says EastEnders’ Charlie Clements.

Bradley’s a suspect in his dad Max’s hit and run, so what is his alibi for the night that Max was run over?

“He was at the Minute Mart buying a bottle of whisky at the time. When he got back to Dot’s there were policemen everywhere.”

Hmm… that doesn’t sound very water-tight to us. And doesn’t the fact he hasn’t even been to the hospital to see his dad just add to his possible guilt?

“That’s what the police seem to think. When they question him they ask why he hasn’t been to visit his dad and Bradley tells them straight ‘I hate everything about him… he destroyed my life. He took away from me the one thing I love. I hate him, but I’m no killer.”

Or is he? We’ve never really understood why he blames Max so completely and yet not Stacey…

“He should be angry with Stacey too, but he loves her to bits so all his hatred is directed at Max. So much so that even though Max is lying in a hospital bed, seriously injured, Bradley really doesn’t care.”

He’s sounding more and more guilty to us and when it’s revealed he’s planning to do a runner from Walford, it’s looking more and more likely he dunnit…

“On the face of it, he looks like a prime suspect. But the thing is Bradley likes to run away from problems. Right now he wants to get away from Max and from Stacey – he’s got an idea that she might be seeing Callum and if he saw them together, it would hurt too much. He tells Dot he is going to Stockholm, but then he changes his mind when Abi and Lauren get upset about him going. He doesn’t want to let his gran down either.”

Which is why he finally agrees to go with her to see Max…

“He really shocks himself when he does. He thought he didn’t care, but it hits him hard seeing his dad so badly hurt.”

But he adds that it doesn’t make him feel differently, does it?

“Bradley is from the same stock as Jim, Max and Jack and he too has a ruthless streak. When Dot leaves him alone with Max you see a chilling side to him… He leans close to Max and whispers ‘Do you want the truth Dad? I’m glad you’re here. I wish it was worse. If it was up to me you’d never wake up’.”

So could Bradley be the one who tried to kill Max?

“He could be. Personally, I’d love it if Bradley became more evil. It would be so much more fun to play.”

As they say, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch!