EastEnders‘ Charlie Clements says Bradley’s determined to marry and start a new life with Syd… but Soaplife doesn’t believe him!

Why did Bradley change his mind and back out of moving to Canada with Syd?
“Because of Stacey. When he found out she was ill, he felt so guilty about leaving he just couldn’t do it. But he didn’t tell Syd that. He couldn’t.”

He told Stacey how much he regretted they had aborted their baby. What made him mention it after all this time?
“It’s such a big issue between them. Bradley told Stacey she has to let go, but it affected them both and he realises how different things might have been if she’d had the baby.”

Why does he suddenly propose to Syd?
“He just gets carried away. After letting her down over Canada he tells her it’s not where you live, but who you live with that matters and just blurts out that they should get married. It comes out of nowhere.”

How does Syd react?
“She’s shocked. She tells him that marriage is not for her and storms off.”

Is he hurt by that?
“He is a bit. I think he’s expecting her to say ‘yes’ straight away. Later though they make up.”

Does he love Syd?
“Not the way he loved Stacey. I think he’s more in love with the idea of being part of a family.”

Does he still love Stacey?
“He loves her, he cares about her and he knows her better than anyone. They are very close and he is the one person she trusts. I think he could be really important when it comes to her recovery.”

He and Stacey row after she thinks he’s talking to Jean about her condition. Is he?
“It’s about Stacey signing the divorce papers. Jean told him not to say anything directly to Stacey because it could push her over the edge.”

If he cares so much about Stacey why does he tell her she means nothing to him?
“He wants to show he’s moved on but he hasn’t really. I think deep down he’d like her back.”

So why does he then tell Syd they should go to Canada after all?
“To prove to himself that he’s moved on. He thinks that if he goes with Syd and they get married, his feelings for Stacey will go away.”

We doubt that’ll ever happen. Might he and Stacey get together again?
“I don’t know. They’ve split up three times now… But I’m really enjoying working with Lacey again. We bounce off each other well.”

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