Brooke Kinsella ‘overjoyed’ at guilty verdict

Brooke Kinsella says she’s ‘overjoyed’ at the three guilty verdicts delivered in the case for her brother Ben’s murder.

Juress Kika, 19, Jade Braithwaite, 18, and Michael Alleyne, 20, were convicted of stabbing Ben to death in June last year.

Former EastEnders star Brooke (pictured, with her parents), 25, who had sat with her fingers crossed as the jury deliver their decision, said afterwards: “I am overjoyed,” before adding: “It’s awful, awful, but we got all we needed – it’s justice… There is never going to be enough justice, but we have got it now.”

She was joined by family friend Linda Robson, who was too upset to comment.

Brooke, who played Kelly Taylor in the soap, had previously fought back tears to appeal for youngsters to come forward to tell officers about the terrible stabbing which ended the promising life of Ben.

She urged them to ‘make a stand to help the police’ after it was revealed that frightened youngsters were holding back.

The day before her appeal, Brooke had led 400 people on a local march to protest against youngsters being killed by knife crime.

She described her brother as ‘entirely innocent’, and said: “All we’ve got left of Ben now is memories and that’s not very fair, in my eyes.”

The killers have been remanded in custody for sentencing.

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