Brookside’s body under the patio storyline has been voted the most memorable soap death of all time – in a survey conducted by Woodland Burial Parks.

The dramatic scene from 1993 where Mandy Jordache (played by Sandra Maitland) stabs violent husband Trevor (Bryan Murray) before burying his body under the patio came top in a poll of 3,000 soap fans with 12 per cent of the votes.

Tiffany Mitchell running into the path of Frank Butcher’s car in EastEnders in 1998 came second with Dirty Den – the only Eastenders character to have suffered two deaths in the hit soap – takes third AND fourth place.

Den was first killed in a canal-side shooting back in 1989. But this later turned out to be faked, with Den returning in 2003 only to be bumped off by new wife Chrissie with a doorstop two years later.

A spokesman for Woodland Burial Parks said: “Despite Brookside not being on-air since 2003, people still remember the soap”s gripping storylines – especially the dramatic death scene in 1993.

”Soaps are a massive part of our everyday lives and hard-hitting storylines like the ones in this poll do remain with us for long time.”

Nana Moon’s peaceful death in Eastenders came fifth, followed by Mike Baldwin dying on the cobbles of Coronation Street in rival Ken Barlow’s arms.

Emmerdale‘s 1993 plane crash, which killed four regular characters and left Chris Tate paralysed, came in at number seven, while eighth place went to the death of Corrie murderer Richard Hillman, after he drove his family into a canal in 2003.

Eastenders’ fatal stabbing of Dennis Rickman on New Year’s Eve, 2005, is at number nine in the poll, and Charlie Stubbs’ 2007 murder in Coronation Street completes the top 10.

Other soap deaths to feature in the poll include Steve Owen killing Saskia with an ashtray in Eastenders, at number 15, and Coronation Street’s Alma dying of cervical cancer at number 20.

CLICK below to watch the clip of Trevor Jordache’s death