Buster and Shirley have always had a volatile relationship, and the build-up to Dean’s court appearance (tonight on EastEnders) saw the pair clash again over whether or not to support their wayward son.

When the outcome of the plea hearing sinks in, it seems the drama has proved all too much for Buster (Karl Howman), who decides to leave Walford.


Sensing all is not well between Buster and Shirley, Mick pays his dad a visit – accompanied by Lee – and is surprised to find him packing his bags.


As Mick and Lee beg Buster to think again, Shirley turns up.


Will she be able to convince him to stay…? Does she even want to?

…Or is this the last we’ll see of Buster in Walford?

Watch his dramatic response to Shirley in EastEnders from Monday, February 8 on BBC1