Can Ronnie forgive and forget?

Roxy is back in Ronnie’s life – but when Archie discovers Danielle’s secret he’ll make sure Ronnie never gets her daughter back in her life warns EastEnders star Samantha Janus…

How does Ronnie find out that Roxy has a credit card from Jack?

“She’s surprised the takings in R&R are up by £200 and finds out from Dawn that Roxy was running a tab. She asks Jack to find out who’s funding the card. She suspects it’s her dad but Archie denies it.”

Does Jack admit it’s him?

“He stalls but Ronnie eventually puts two and two together and realises it’s him.”

Does she feel betrayed?

“Of course. She’s having a hard enough time as it is, living near her sister who’s bringing up a baby fathered by the one man she truly loves.”

What does she do?

“She tells Roxy she should stand on her own two feet but Roxy replies ‘I’ll spend Jack’s money when I like, how I like.’ Ronnie then has a go at Jack who promises that the money’s for Amy and he’ll set new ground rules.”

But that’s not the end of it and Ronnie ends up being arrested with Roxy. How?

“Ronnie sees Roxy on her way for another night out. She demands Roxy hands over the credit card. They have a catfight and get arrested as the cops think they’re prostitutes.”

They’re put in a cell together. What happens?

“Roxy tries to break the ice by talking about the time they got arrested in Ibiza. She also tells Ronnie she misses her.”

Does Ronnie want to bury the hatchet?

“She does but she’s been let down badly. She’s a Mitchell and has this inherent code of honour that says with family you’re always straight up. You tell me what I need to know and I can deal with it. But Roxy broke that code over baby Amy and Ronnie’s finding it really hard to forgive her.”

They do make up though… How?

“Ronnie tells Roxy she used to want to be more like her. Roxy was always the prettiest, she was more fun, Archie preferred her and Ronnie became the hard, responsible one.”

How does Roxy react?

“She tells Ronnie she felt like she was always ‘Ronnie Mitchell’s little sister and not quite as good’. Ronnie’s shocked by that and confesses to Roxy she still loves Jack.”

Are they friends when they’re released?

“Archie bails them out and Roxy destroys Jack’s credit card. But they don’t bond further as Archie interferes by telling Ronnie ‘You just can’t help spreading misery, can you?'”

We hear Archie could be spreading misery when he finds out Danielle is Ronnie’s daughter. What will he do?

“He’ll make sure Ronnie never finds out. Archie’s dangerous so he could go to any lengths to keep the secret hidden.”

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