Carly is devastated when dad Kevin reveals his dark secret – and she lashes out at both him and her mum. Kellie Shirley reveals all…

Take cover! It’s all about to blow up at Pat’s when Kevin’s forced to confess his shady secret to his kids, thanks to Shirley who believes it will have Carly and Deano running into her arms. But the shock confession doesn’t have the desired affect because Carly and Deano still don’t give a damn about Shirley. And they’re not that keen on Kevin either!

So what’s Kevin’s bombshell that causes all this heartache?
“I can’t tell you what the secret is because I hate it when big storylines are leaked. Basically it’s something which Shirley thinks will win her kids over. It’s about Kevin and it’s something he should have told Carly and Deano a long time ago…”

Kellie’s lips may be sealed on what the secret is but she says its impact hits Carly and Deano very hard.
“It has massive repercussions for everyone. And Carly feels hurt, disappointed and badly let down by Kevin. She hates liars and the fact it’s her dad who’s lied to her makes it even worse. She feels she’s got nobody she can believe in any more…”

A desperate Kevin tries to placate his family with a planned meal to celebrate the birthday of his son Jimbo, who died of cystic fibrosis. Initially, he wonders if he should cancel the do but Deano and Pat thinks it’s a good idea to go ahead. But it’s far from happy families when Deano and Pat head to the Vic and Carly and Kevin are left alone – and she snaps and really rips into her dad before storming out.
“It’s real tears and snot acting. Carly goes off like a firework and I’m really enjoying it. This is the first time since I’ve been in the show that I feel I’ve got something to get my teeth into. So far all I’ve done is sit in the Vic and eat pork scratchings!”

But Kevin is unable to cope with the aftermath of his confession and his daughter’s anger and he does a runner.
“He’s a total coward. He can’t deal with what’s going on at home so he leaves. Carly is furious, but at least it gives her some head space. “

Deano and Pat see it slightly differently, though, and when they realise Kevin has gone they phone the police to file a missing persons report. And when the policeman arrives to take down the particulars Carly refuses to reveal the part she played in her dad leaving.
“She doesn’t mention the argument they had before he left, and a combination of heartbreak, worry over Deano and guilt over what she said to Kevin means she’s all over the place. She’s rude to her best mate Dawn, she smashes a car at the Arches and loses her job and, to top it all off, she punches Shirley when she sees her mum gloating over the chaos she’s created. It’s all a horrible mess and if Kevin does come back it’s going to take a lot of time to regain her trust…”

And if he never comes back it may take longer for her to get over the guilt of forcing him away…