Carmel was shattered by the realisation her son, Kush, is the father of Stacey’s new baby, and she fears for her son’s marriage in the wake of the shock news on EastEnders.

Distraught, she turns for comfort to her friend Masood, with whom she enjoyed a fling last summer…


No sooner has she arrived at Masood’s door clutching a bottle than Carmel dissolves into tears.


Cracking open the wine, Masood tries to lift his friend’s spirits.


Carmel opens up to Kush about her worries, but will she tell him the truth about baby Arthur’s paternity?


Suddenly deciding to lighten the mood, Carmel asks Masood for an impromptu dance…

…and the pair cast aside their problems and enjoy the moment. Will the mood tkae them all the way to the bedroom?

Find out on EastEnders, BBC1, from Monday, January 11.