Charity backs EastEnders’ Lucy Beale murder plot to highlight personal safety issues

EastEnders‘ upcoming Lucy Beale murder plot has received support from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

There are similarities between the storyline, which sees estate agent Lucy (Hetti Bywater) murdered after receiving a mystery email and going out to an appointment at a flat, and Suzy who vanished in 1986 after going out on an estate agency appointment in London.

But unlike Suzy, who was never found, in EastEnders Lucy’s body will be dumped on Walford Common.

According to The Sun, personal safety charity The Suzy Lamplugh Trust said that the EastEnders storyline would highlight the dangers that are faced by estate agents.

Charity director Rachel Griffin said that it would encourage employers to ‘have suitable personal safety strategies in place’.

Lucy will die in the Good Friday episode of EastEnders, but the killer will not be revealed until the show’s 30th anniversary in February.


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