EastEnders star Charlie Brooks has revealed that she would like to see her alter-ego Janine Butcher ‘destroy’ Michael Moon.

The scheming businesswoman (played by Charlie), who makes her return to Albert Square on April 18 after a seven-month break, will ask for custody of her daughter Scarlett from her estranged husband Michael (Steve John Shepherd).

“She wants her little girl back and she means business. She knows she’ll have a fight on her hands, but Janine loves a challenge,” the actress told the Radio Times.

“I really wanted her to come back as a meditating hippy! I would have loved that. But no, she’s been to Europe and Brazil and now she’s very much got her head screwed on.”

Charlie hopes Janine will be able to wreak her revenge on Michael, who will be exiting when actor Steve leaves the BBC show.

“I think she has a lot of deep-rooted anger at Michael after the way he treated her. She was driven away, she couldn’t cope and she didn’t have his support. I would like Janine to destroy Michael! That’s what I want!” she said.

The 31-year-old is enjoying being back on the EastEnders set after a six-month break, which she took to spend time with her eight-year-old daughter Kiki.

“I love being at home where I can cook and be there for Kiki. When I got back I had a really wobbly two or three weeks… It just takes a bit of time to find your feet. I’m feeling really happy now.”

She added: “I’m really enjoying playing the b**** this time around. She’s quite high-powered.”