EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks tells Soaplife it will be very bad news for Stacey if she escapes death on that level crossing…

Why did Janine take Lily?
“She had this crazy idea that she, Ryan and Lily could be a family together – although you really wouldn’t want her to be your stepmother, would you? She thought if she took baby Lily and Ryan away from the Square it would mean Stacey couldn’t get between them any more. She was acting out of desperation.”

Did she really think Ryan would go along with it?
“She must have. But although he can forgive Janine a lot because he knows she loves him, she’s pushing it this time.”

Why does she stop the car on the train track in the middle of the level crossing? Is she trying to kill them all?
“It’s her way of making a statement, of showing Ryan how let down she feels. She was scared of falling in love and what we see coming out is how dangerous Janine can be when her heart’s broken. But when the car stalls with the train hurtling towards them she’s as scared as he is.”

If they escape with their lives could Ryan ever really forgive her?
“This is how their relationship is. They abuse one another yet they love each other. What’s getting in their way is Janine’s anger.”

She would be angry if they survive and return to the Square. If that happened, would Janine try to use the fact that she knows Archie raped Stacey?
“All information is useful to Janine. She’d use all ammunition against Stacey.”

What would Janine do if she lost Ryan to Stacey?
“She’d go ape. Stacey would need to be very careful if that happened. If Janine can’t have Ryan then she wouldn’t let anyone else have him.”

How far would Janine go to get Stacey out of her and Ryan’s lives?
“I don’t think there’s any end to how far she’d go. She’d do whatever it takes to keep her man.”

Would she shop Stacey if she found out she killed Archie?
“I don’t know, but I’d like to see her have that piece of information…”

Are you glad Janine’s gone bad again?
“I’m embracing the bitch. She’s been away for a few months, but she’s back to being the Queen of Nasty. She’s at her best and I’m having more fun.”