Charlie on Bradley’s dramatic exit from EastEnders

EastEnders’ Charlie Clements brings Bradley back for Stacey… and for a sensational exit for EastEnders’ live episode!

Bradley’s hardly been in Canada and he’s back already. Why?

“Because his mum is badly injured in a car crash when Masood is driving her home.”

Syd and Noah come back with him. Has life in Canada been working out for him?

“I think it was obvious when Stacey got carted off that things weren’t going to work out for Bradley in Canada. He felt guilty for leaving her and she’s been on his mind ever since.”

When does he see Stacey?

“He bumps into Jean and she wonders if him being back would help Stacey. Then she asks Bradley to go with her when she goes to the psychiatric unit to bring Stacey home.”

Does he tell Syd?

“He tells Syd that Jean’s asked him to go, but he lies and says Stacey isn’t his problem any more. He says he’s going to see his mum when really he’s going to see Stacey.”

It’s been reported Bradley will get back with Stacey. What will he tell Syd?

“He’s going to have to pluck up the courage to tell her that Stacey is the girl he loves and not her. He genuinely likes Syd and he loves the idea of being a family and a dad to Noah but, deep down, Stacey is the love of his life.”

He was talking of adopting Noah… Is there a chance he might stay with Syd for Noah?

“I don’t think there’s any going back now. He knows Canada is not the place for him.”

Does Bradley believe Stacey loves him too?

“I think she meant it when she said she did and begged him not to leave her just before he left for Canada.”

Could you see them marrying again soon?

“I don’t know… they’ve only just divorced!”

Do you want them to get back together?

“Yes I do. I love working with Lacey. We have a great friendship and bounce off one another on screen.”

So why are you leaving?

“I’ve been in EastEnders for nearly four years and have enjoyed every minute with some fantastic storylines. But I feel now is the time to take on some new roles…”

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