Chelsea makes a bad move, says Tiana Benjamin

Her dad thinks she’s bad so Chelsea’s not too bothered about proving him wrong, says EastEnders actress Tiana Benjamin…

Why did Chelsea decide to dump Theo?

“She didn’t think they were equals. She’s street smart, but she can’t hold her own with Theo’s clever university friends.”

But he’s heartbroken. Has she stopped loving him?

“She does love him, but she believes he’d be better off without her.”

What does she see in footballer Ellis?

“He’s hot and she really fancies him. He also offers her the high life and she wants that.”

Ellis takes her on a date to R&R… What happens?

“Lucas and Denise are there, drunk and dancing to MC Hammer with no shame.”

What do they think of Ellis?

“Ellis sends over champagne, but Denise thinks he’s being flash. Chelsea introduces him, but Denise is so drunk she knocks Chelsea’s bag over and a wrap of cocaine falls out. Lucas spots it and pockets it.”

What’s Chelsea doing with drugs?

“It’s the wrap Ellis gave her when they first met in the club. She just put it in her bag. I don’t think she was going to use it.”

Does Lucas confront her?

“Not until they get home. Chelsea lies that Ellis didn’t give her the drugs, but Lucas doesn’t believe her. Later he beats Ellis up.”

Do Chelsea and Lucas sort things out?

“Chelsea tells him she’s going to dump Ellis, but then Ellis turns up all battered and bruised. He says he was jumped coming out of R&R, but didn’t see his attacker.”

And her parents still think she’s back taking drugs?

“At a family dinner they tell her they know how easy it is to fall back in with drugs and how they’ll support her. She feels angry and betrayed. They haven’t listened to her. They just presume she’s guilty.”

What does she do?

“She lets them think the worst. Later she leaves a goodbye letter, sneaks out of the house and drives off with Ellis.”

Where’s she going?

“To swan around Ellis’s penthouse in London.”

Will he get her into drugs?

“He might. That’s all part of his world. She might also realise the high life’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

Has Chelsea gone for good?

“She’ll be back in six weeks. And she’ll be a different person…”

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