Cheryl: ‘Enders mystery dad won’t be happy

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison says the father of Heather’s baby will not be happy when he discovers he’s a dad.

Heather will give birth to a baby boy next week and call him George Michael after her favourite pop star. And viewers, who have been left guessing about the dad’s identity since April, will finally discover the truth on 23 October.

“Heather thinks he’ll take one look at George and fall in love with him just like she has,” Cheryl tells Soaplife. “Instead he takes one look and runs out.”

Heather will leave a phone message telling the mystery man he has a son. Then one by one Phil, Billy, Darren and Minty all take a call and all head for the hospital.

“Heather’s not in love with the dad and she knows this could upset the applecart for him,” reveals Cheryl. “But she didn’t have a dad around when she grew up and she wants George’s father to be part of his life.”

But Cheryl thinks there might be a happy ending for father and son in the future.

“The dad has had a lot thrown at him already in life and there is a chance he’ll come round and do the right thing. Eventually,” she says.

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