Cheryl reveals Heather’s post-baby peril

EastEnders’ Cheryl Fergison says Hev is hoping the daddy will fall in love with baby George on sight… No chance!

How does Heather feel about being a mum?

“Heather can’t wait to be a mum. She’s excited on her last day at work, but worried as there’ll be no money coming in. She’ll be relying on Shirley to help her.”

Good luck with that, especially as Shirley goes AWOL when Heather needs her most as she goes into labour at the baby shower Patrick, Peggy and Pat throw for her. What happens next?

“They’re all raising a toast when her waters break and it’s panic stations. But instead of calling an ambulance, Pat comes up with the bright idea of hotwiring Shirley’s ice-cream van to get Hev to hospital.”

So who’s with Heather at the birth?

“When they arrive, Pat and Peggy are so busy arguing over who’ll go in with Heather that Patrick ends up as her birthing partner. She’s stunned when she has a boy – her scans had suggested it was a girl. She decides to call him George Michael after THE George Michael.”

Minutes later Shirley rushes in and starts with the “who’s the daddy?” questions. Will she tell?

“Heather’s not in love with the dad and she knows this could upset the applecart for him. But she didn’t have a dad around when she grew up and she wants George’s father to be part of his life.”

If there were no feelings between them why did she ever sleep with him?

“I’m wondering if she was a virgin when it happened. It was totally a one-night stand. For him drunken, and for her it happened because of all sorts of things going on in her head.”

And now he’s about to find out the consequences of that drunken night when Heather leaves a phone message telling the mystery man he has a son. Then one by one we see Phil, Billy, Darren and Minty all take a call… and all head for the hospital.

“All the suspects turn up and you think each one is the dad until they start chatting. Except when it is the dad…”

What is his reaction then?

“She thinks he’ll take one look at George and fall in love with him just like she has. Instead he takes one look and runs out.”

Will she reveal his identity to anyone else?

“If she tells, it will be Shirley, but she will want to keep it a secret. The dad has had a lot thrown at him already in life and there is a chance he’ll come round and do the right thing. Eventually.”

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