Scottish designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan want to appear in EastEnders.

The pair, currently guest-starring in The Play What I Wrote at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen, revealed they would jump at the chance of a role in the Walford-set soap.

“We love EastEnders,” enthused Colin. “But we don’t want to be hidden away – background schmackground. We’d love to meet Dot Cotton. We could do her house up.”

Justin added: “We adore the show, it’s priceless and we’d brighten it up no end. Both of us would also love to be in Doctor Who – David Tennant is magnificent and we’re big fans of Christopher Eccleston.”

And the pair spoke about how they ended up treading the boards.

They said: “Our agent knows we’re huge Morecambe and Wise fans, and being a bit of a double-act ourselves it all seemed to be perfect.

“We’ve been working so hard over the past year. When this offer came in we knew we had to do it.”

Colin confessed the nerves kicked in once they’d signed up.

“When we realised who had done it before us – Kylie Minogue, Roger Moore, the great Ewan McGregor – it became really scary. We’ve never ever been on stage before and we’d never done anything scripted,” he said.

Colin and Justin make their final guest appearance on Saturday, February 10, before returning to the show in the last week of March in Edinburgh.