Corrie’s Alison King and Marc Baylis: ‘Carla dobs in Rob!’ (VIDEO)

Coronation Street stars Alison King and Marc Baylis have revealed that Carla Barlow does inform the police that her brother Rob confessed to killing Tina McIntyre.

The development occurs after Carla initially suspects Rob’s fiancee Tracy is Tina’s killer. But in a dramatic exchange on Corrie on Monday, a violent Rob is driven to confess he’s the killer. He then begs Carla to keep it to herself.

Alison told What’s on TV: “The biggest thing is her brother, is it the right thing to do? Peter is someone else’s baby, you know he’s got Simon, he’s got the rest of his life and [Rob] shouldn’t have [killed Tina]. He’s a murderer and it’s just the right thing to do, really, to tell the police. But she doesn’t want to ruin his whole world and his marriage, he is her little brother, so it’s just weighing it all up…”

Marc came clean however: “Yes! [She does dob in Rob] You thought that blood was thicker than water… So Rob goes on a runner from the wedding. As to whether [Tracy and Rob have] got to the stage to say their vows or not, who knows? It is the situation that Rob is on the run from the arm of the law.”

Watch Marc Baylis and Alison King describe why Carla informs on her own brother in Coronation Street, above.