Returning EastEnders character Mandy Salter is set to rival Janine Butcher as the femme fatale of Albert Square, according to Nicola Stapleton who plays her.

Nicola – who is back in the show after a 17-year absence, told Inside Soap magazine that there could be fireworks between Mandy and Janine when they see each other again.

“There could be a clash!” she said. “Those two haven’t seen each other for so long, but I think there’ll be a bit of sniping.

“Charlie Brooks is brilliant, so I hope to get some good stuff for us both,” Nicola added.

And Nicola – whose alter-ego will re-appear in the show when she bumps into Ian Beale outside a strip club – said that she had kept in touch with cast members during her time away, including Sid Owen who plays Mandy’s former boyfriend Ricky.

“I’ve always kept in touch with Sid,” she revealed. “We were in Bad Girls together when he played Donny Kimber, a prison guard who had an affair with my character.

“And I still see Sean Maguire, who played Aidan, when he’s in London. He works in Los Angeles, but I bumped into him at a casting recently.”