EastEnders‘ Danielle Harold warns Soaplife that Lola will do anything to stop her baby being taken into care…

Lola’s trying her best to be a good mum to baby Lexi ,but it seems that every time Social Services visit her they find something wrong. And she knows she’s in serious, serious trouble when she’s arrested for assault. “Lola panics,” says Danielle. She’s desperate not to lose her baby. Very desperate…

Does Lola feel that social worker Trish is on her case?

“Yes, she does. Lola thinks she’s a good mum, but Lexi has a bad cough and Trish is not happy that Lola hasn’t been to the doctor with her.”

Then Lola doesn’t take Lexi to the mother and baby group as she’s meant to…

‘Lexi’s been up all night and is finally sleeping peacefully. Billy persuades Lola to let her sleep and go to the group without her. The tutor makes out Lola is stupid for turning up without the baby because it’s a practical lesson and says she’ll have to tell her social worker.”

Is Lola scared of losing Lexi?

“She’s angry with the social worker, but doesn’t really think anything is going to happen at this point. She’s trying her best to show she can cope. She just wants to be a good mum and give Lexi a better childhood than her own.”

Then Lola bumps into a face from that troubled childhood. Alexa…

“Alexa was Lola’s best friend in care. She looked up to her and named Lexi after her. But when she first sees her in Walford she doesn’t admit she has a baby in case Alexa tries to get her into trouble.”

And Alexa does exactly that. What happens?

“Alexa and her gang start picking on Abi and Alexa slaps her. Lola steps in and when Alexa realises Lola has a baby she threatens to hurt her. Lola completely flips and punches Alexa square on the nose. But she doesn’t realise Alexa’s gang were filming her and the police turn up later to arrest her for assault.”

That’s serious!

“Yes. Lola’s very scared. It’s a huge shock when she’s arrested. Her biggest fear is Social Services will take her baby away and she will end up in care like Lola did.”