Danny Dyer’s return date to EastEnders confirmed

Eastenders fans rejoice! You won't have to wait too long until you see Danny Dyer back on your screens. His official return to screen date has been confirmed...

If like us you’ve been missing Mick Carter’s charm and cheeky grin then you’ll be pleased to know he is coming back to Albert Square soon.

Danny Dyer will return to your screen from Friday, May 19 and the weeks could not come sooner. Danny joined EastEnders in 2013 and has been involved in some big storylines. However the actor has been off since February after suffering from exhaustion. He said he needed to ‘sort his life out’.

The soap is known for its busy filming schedule and it seems as though the work load had taken its toll on Danny. The actor has been enjoying a month-long break with his wife Jo Mas and their three children in sunny South Africa.

Now fully rested his official on-screen return has been announced.

Danny’s character Mick, left the show after his daughter was involved in a car accident. His return will not be without drama as he is set to clash with Walford newbie Woody, played by Lee Ryan.

lee ryan


Lee, formerly part of the boyband Blue, joined EastEnders last month and plays the Queen Vic’s temporary manager. During an interview with Ruth and Eamonn on This Morning on Thursday, Lee revealed that he and Danny have filmed some exciting scenes together.

He said: “We got some great scenes, and there was only a short time that we got to act with each other, I can’t say too much. When he turned up on the day he went, ‘Bosh that, bosh that, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that. We just got at it, it was great.”

Fans on Twitter are delighted with the news that Danny is set to return. One posted “Oh thank God he needs to get back and kick Woody’s butt”.

Another simply added: “Yay!!”


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