Danny Dyer rules out EastEnders job

EastEnders fans will be disappointed to learn actor Danny Dyer has decided not to take a role on the BBC1 soap.

The Football Factory star admitted he couldn’t cope with the pressure of being in the media spotlight.

He told Daily Star Sunday: “I quite liked the idea of it. But actually, in reality, I just got cold feet.”

He added that he was scared off by the publicity surrounding his possible part in the soap.

“Just from having a meeting it’s all over the newspapers and it gave me the horrors. Imagine if I went in it,” he said.

“With the EastEnders thing, the whole publicity gets out of hand. It’s like a whole new beast. It’s not something I fancy.

“I didn’t come that bad out of it because they said I was going to save the show. I don’t want to write it off totally, but at this point in my career I think it would be madness.”

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