Danny Dyer vows to revive EastEnders’ fortunes

EastEnders may not have performed so well in the ratings lately – but newcomer Danny Dyer has said he hopes to change all that.

Speaking to Soccer AM the actor – who will arrive in Walford at Christmas as new Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter – said he had been signed up in a bid to revive the soap’s fortunes.

And he admitted that the show was going through a bit of a ‘mad stage’ – taking a swipe at ITV rival Emmerdale which frequently pulls in more viewers.

“It’s all I’m saying, no-one is watching it,” Danny said. “It’s getting beaten in the ratings by a farm.

“No disrespect but it’s a soap about a farm and that is smashing it to pieces in the ratings. So they’ve brought me in to give it a little injection of something.”

The actor – who also recently appeared in Hollyoaks Later – is signed up to a one-year deal with EastEnders, but revealed he almost had the chance to join the case 10 years ago.

However he turned down the offer due to his dislike of the story, which saw him play a hardman who ‘gets blown up by Phil Mitchell’.

A whole host of characters have either left the show or are due to depart in the coming months, among them Michael Moon, AJ Masood, Poppy Meadow and Alice and Joey Branning.


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