Danny’s a big fraud, says EastEnders’ Liam

Emmerdale’s Liam Bergin says Danny came in as a Mitchell and goes out as a nobody…

Has Danny changed his mind about doing a runner with Roxy’s fortune?

“No. He likes Roxy, but he’s always been after her money. It’s all a big game to him.”

But he told Glenda the deal was off…

“Nothing he says should be trusted. He’s a money-driven lunatic.”

So that’s why he manipulated Roxy into suggesting they open a joint account…

“To get access to her cash. Roxy doesn’t have a clue she’s being done over, but Ronnie’s much wiser. Danny is scared she could wreck his plans…”

Or Glenda… How does Danny feel when she turns up pleading homelessness?

“Shocked. It’s his deal now and he doesn’t want her ruining it. He gives her cash for a B&B but she threatens to expose him if he doesn’t let her stay…”

Does Roxy want her to stay or go?

“Roxy suggests they bribe Glenda to leave and Danny sees her take a wad of cash hidden in her mattress. But Danny tells her not to hand it over.”

Does he talk her into going?

“Danny warns Glenda if she doesn’t leave he’ll get rid of her another way. But she comes back the next day and tells Ronnie and Roxy some home truths about him.”

Do they believe her?

“Roxy insists she trusts Danny, but when she says she’s changed her mind about their joint account he flips and she sees another side to him. It’s all starting to fall apart and Danny’s desperate. He starts taking cash from Roxy’s mattress, but Ronnie and Roxy catch him at it.”

Does he run for it?

“No. He tells them he wants a third of Archie’s money and that’s when Glenda drops her bombshell…”

Which is?

“She tells them she had an affair with a double-glazing rep and Danny knows Archie isn’t his father. Which is a shame as I loved the idea of being Archie’s son. Ronnie and Roxy don’t know who to believe. But Danny tells them they’re welcome to Glenda and that’s the last you see of him…”

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