Danny’s dark side!

EastEnders Liam Bergin warns that if he has his way Danny will be nasty as well as nice!

Where’s Danny been in recent weeks?

“He went to see his mum but they had a row and she kicked him out.”

How does he end up beaten up and in a police station?

“He got drunk and had a fight. The police take him in so he can sober up. He’s not arrested so there are no charges.”

Why does he ask Peggy to come and vouch for him?

“He doesn’t. He assumes it’ll be Roxy. But he’s pleased Peggy comes instead. When they last spoke they had a row and she’s one person he wants to get on with. She’s the head of the Mitchell family.”

And do they bond?

“Yes. To the extent that Peggy tells Danny that he reminds her of Grant and says she’s going to look after him.”

Does Danny genuinely like Peggy?

“He does and he’s impressed by her too. He sees the way she handles trouble in The Vic and respects her. Danny wants to be liked and loved by the Mitchells and, most importantly, by Peggy.”

Is that why he starts helping Peggy to stay in The Vic when Roxy seems to be squeezing her out?

“He thinks Peggy’s important there and that she knows how to run The Vic a lot better than Roxy. He fixes things to show Roxy how indispensable Peggy is and urges Roxy to buy Booty as he figures it will give her something she’s better at, leaving Peggy to get on with running the pub.”

Why is Danny so keen to be in the Mitchell family?

“That’s a good question as it’s taken him 21 years to turn up. He has no one else so maybe he wants to be part of a family. Or maybe it’s because Roxy has suddenly got a lot of money. Perhaps he thinks a portion of that is rightfully his…”

Is there more to learn about Danny?

“I wish I knew! I’ve heard the rumours he might not be a Mitchell but I don’t think I’d like that at all. I love being a Mitchell!”

Will Danny be in Walford for long?

“I hope so. I certainly wouldn’t like to go before getting a really big storyline.”