Dawn leads Jase to take his eye off his boy!

While Jase was falling for Dawn, his son was falling in with a gang of thugs, says EastEnders’ Stephen Lord.

What does Jase like about Dawn?

“Obviously she’s stunning. But she’s also cute and has a very warm and caring nature. He feels comfortable with her and they get along well.”

But Garry thinks he’s in with a chance too…

“Garry and Jase are in competition for Dawn. Though to be honest Jase doesn’t really see Garry as competition!”

So Jase is confident he’ll win?

“Not quite. Dawn doesn’t know which of them

to choose. In the end Mo

does a tarot reading for

her and tells her Mr Right will be wearing red. Mo’s set it up so Garry’s wearing a red

T-shirt, but Jase ends up wearing one too – and Dawn sees him first in the Vic. So she grabs him and kisses him full on!”

Bet he likes that…

“He loves it – who wouldn’t?”

Does he feel sorry for Garry?

“Not at all. The best man won!”

For a while it looked like Jase was

into Roxy. What happened?

“They have things in common, but Dawn’s the woman who’s really turned his head. ”

Do you think they’re suited?

“I hope so. It would be nice if the relationship worked out.”

And is a relationship what Jase wants?

“He feels he does with Dawn. What he craves is normality for him and Jay. Jase isn’t somebody who lets people get too close to him but with Dawn he’s let down his guard and that’s quite a big deal for him.”

What does Jay think of Dawn being around?

“He’s a bit uncomfortable. But the real problem

is that Dawn’s very full-on, so Jase hasn’t as much time for him and consequently Jay gets involved with a dangerous street gang.”

How does Jase find out?

“He finds out Jay has a flick knife and he’s furious. He tells him how dangerous it is to carry a knife. But he still doesn’t know about the gang. If he did he’d be horrified because Jase of all people knows just how dangerous gangs can be.”

In fact the worst does happen, doesn’t it?

“The very worst… After they vandalise Dot’s house Jay has a change of heart. He gets into

a fight with one of the gang – and ends up stabbed and fighting for his life.”

Will Jase blame himself?

“Jay is his life and he’ll feel he’s failed him. He vowed to be a good dad and he’ll blame himself totally. It may also make him think he’s got his priorities wrong and that he should have been looking out for Jay instead of spending so much time

with Dawn…”

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