EastEnders star Dean Gaffney: I’d like to see Ross Kemp back as Grant!

Dean Gaffney chats about starring as Robbie Jackson in EastEnders and why he'd like to see the return of Grant

Soap favourite Dean Gaffney returned to EastEnders a year ago to play Robbie Jackson, so we had a quick catch up with Dean to find out how he’s enjoying Walford life again….


Are you loving being back in EastEnders?

Dean Gaffney: “It’s good to be back, it’s a good time for EastEnders at the moment. We’re on the way up!”

Grant Mitchell looks around the Square in EastEnders.

Dean would like to see the return of Grant


Is there anyone you’d like to see come back to Albert Square?

DG: “Someone like Ross Kemp coming back as Grant Mitchell would be nice to see. There are certain big characters you always want back and Grant was always a big character.”


Robbie has gone up in the world now he’s Walford’s market inspector, hasn’t he?

DG: “Yeah, It was nice for him to be back with a bit of a promotion and with him doing something good for once! Robbie was always guilty of getting things wrong and messing things up so it’s been a nice change.”

Robbie Jackson

Robbie has been on the way up!


You previously spoke about the show needing older actors…

DG: “I was a bit misquoted but it’s always nice to have a good mix. We once had actresses like Pam St Clement who played Pat and obviously Barbara Windsor who played Peggy Mitchell – it needs that age. We’ve now got people in their 50s and 60s.”


What was your reaction to the news that Barbara Windsor has Alzheimer’s?

DG: “It’s very sad. It’s always sad when it happens to anyone but obviously with Barbara being such a legend it’s not nice to hear.”


Any tips for actors having to learn lines?

DG: “When I went back I was eating black grapes because someone said black grapes are good for your brain, so I thought I’d try it out. I think it’s working! Black grapes are great for learning lines. You’ve just got to get back into it, the brain is a muscle and you need to keep it working.”


EastEnders continues on BBC1 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

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