Dean reveals Ronnie’s CCTV snooping in EastEnders! (PHOTOS)

We know Roxy Mitchell has been having fun and frolics with bad boy Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) in EastEnders, and that her big sis, Ronnie, isn’t happy about her choice of bloke (it’s better than Charlie, Ronnie’s husband, surely).

So when Ronnie (Samantha Womack) discovers Roxy’s been telling fibs about ending it with the dodgy hairdresser, there’s yet another Mitchell confrontation in store. But will Roxy (Rita Simons) convince her controlling sibling that she’s ended the fling and ditched Dean or is a doubting Ronnie about to come up with another cunning plan?

After Roxy had reassured concerned sister Ronnie that she had dumped loverboy Dean, Ronnie is on to her when she recognises a new top Roxy’s wearing – the very same that she spotted Dean buying at the market earlier that day!


Unwilling to let Roxy off the hook, Ronnie confronts her about her lies and ongoing affair with Dean. As a result, Roxy’s forced into admitting that she’s still seeing him. Given Ronnie’s reputation for getting rid of folk she doesn’t like, what has she got planned for Dean?


After rowing with Roxy, and then apologising, Ronnie puts on the charm and pretends she’s fine about the couple. She even invites the dark and moody Dean to dinner to put things right, which he thinks is promising… until she warns him not to hurt Roxy. Or else! 


But a fuming Dean is well aware of Ronnie’s devious meddling, having accidentally discovered her CCTV set-up at home, and decides it’s time that her trusting little sis is told all about Ronnie’s sneaky snooping. Will Roxy believe him?


As Dean snaps when Roxy defends her sister and blurts out paranoid Ronnie’s method of keeping tabs on Roxy, little do the pair realise that the CCTV is still in operation and Ronnie is keeping tabs on the pair and all that’s being said.


How will Ronnie handle the revelation? But more to the point, how will riled Roxy react when she confronts her sister over her spying?


Roxy knows Ronnie is capable of some underhand ways, but this shock revelation could wreck their relationship for good. Will Ronnie come to regret her I-Spy antics and will husband Charlie find out, too, now it’s out in the open?


When Roxy confronts Ronnie about her prying and controlling actions, how will Ronnie explain herself? Or is it too late to even try? This could be the end of the road for the sisters’ already rocky relationship…

Watch the drama play out on EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, August 10.



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