His mum’s let him down and Chelsea’s blown him out and EastEnders’ Deano is heading for self-destruct warns Matt Di Angelo!

[B]What’s Deano so angry about after visiting his mum?[/B]
“He paid her a surprise visit and he was shocked to see his mum drunk in bed with a bloke in the middle of the day. It really upset him.”

[B]It may be a bit embarrassing. But why is he so upset over that? [/B]
“Well, it’s not the sort of situation you want to see your mum in is it? It made Deano realise maybe his dad Kevin’s right about Shirley being a waster after all. He’s so angry he burns the piece of paper with Shirley’s address on it.”

[B]He’s not happy with Chelsea either, is he? [/B]
“Not since she knocked him back when he told her he loved her. He had no idea she was only being so nice to him because Denise had asked her to be.”

[B]And he’s upset Bradley and Stacey too! [/B]
“Yes. He’s feeling pretty sorry for himself. He insults Bradley’s new girlfriend Lydia then Stacey winds him up and he trashes her stall. But that’s nothing compared to what happens next when he crashes a car!”

[B]How does he do that? [/B]
“He’s agreed to collect Pat from the airport and takes a car from the lot and drives off like a madman down Bridge Street. He’s fuelled by alcohol and anger. The combination of what happened with Chelsea and his mum has made him flip. Chelsea sees him and jumps in at some traffic lights and tries to get him to calm down and slow down but he won’t – then they crash!”

[B]What causes the crash? [/B]
“Suddenly Abi’s in the road and Deano swerves to miss her – and crashes straight into a van.”

[B]Is anybody hurt? [/B]
“Abi and Chelsea have minor injuries, but Deano looks in a bad way. There’s a lot of blood, he’s unconscious and has to be cut out of the car.”

[B]How badly injured is he? [/B]
“The doctors are worried he may have serious head injuries, but after a scan they tell Kevin he will be okay. Obviously he has to stay in hospital to recover though.”

[B]Does his mum come to see him? [/B]
“She does and she’s furious with Kevin and Carly as neither of them told her about the crash.”

[B]Who did then? [/B]
“Chelsea, and when Kevin and Carly find out Denise is also forced to confess she gave Deano Shirley’s address behind Kevin’s back. And he’s not happy.”

[B]Is Deano pleased to see his mum? [/B]
“Shirley’s doing this good mother thing and holding Deano’s hand but he’s unconscious. When he comes round, though, he immediately snatches his hand away.”

[B]Will he not want anything more to do with her now? [/B]
“He’s disappointed and hurt but he still wants to get to know Shirley. He’s wondered about his mum over the years, but couldn’t broach the subject with Kevin as it’s always been taboo.”

[B]It’s still taboo with Kevin isn’t it? [/B]
“He tells Shirley again that none of them want anything to do with her. But again she threatens either he fixes it with the kids for her or she’ll tell them something bad about him.”

[B]What’s Kevin’s dark secret? [/B]
“It’s still a secret at the moment! But it must be big because her threats really worry Kevin.”