Deano’s on a mission to put Sean behind bars

Eastender’s Deano is going to tell the police that Sean is Patrick’s attacker. But actor Matt Di Angelo says he could be framing an innocent man!

Why does Deano hate Sean so much?

Because Sean’s a nasty bloke. Deano wants better for his sister Carly – he’s just being a protective brother. I think it all started when Deano slept with Sean’s sister Stacey, and Sean gave him what for.

What does he want to achieve by grassing Sean up to the police?

He wants to split up Carly and Sean. If he can’t do that, he’ll just do his best to try and get one over on Sean.

How far would Deano go to get Sean into trouble?

Deano gets on with everyone and has no enemies other than Sean, but he really hates him! When he went after him with that plank of wood he wasn’t messing around – he meant to hurt him. That’s the sort of obsession that could get out of control. I think Deano’s got it in him to be dangerous.

Would he frame Sean for a crime he didn’t commit?

In Deano’s defence, he does actually believe Sean did the crime. Patrick is attacked at the Minute Mart. It’s pretty bad and he could be brain damaged. Chelsea and Deano find him and tell the police they saw the attacker – Sean!

So, did they actually see Sean do it?

No…but Chelsea and Deano are so out to get Sean that I think they’d believe anything they want to.

Is anyone on Sean’s side?

Sean tells Carly that he didn’t do it, that he found Patrick unconscious and ran away as he thought he’d be blamed. Carly believes Sean. And so does Stacey…

Are you enjoying the storyline?

I know Rob Kazinsky [who plays Sean] is. He really enjoys mugging me off as Sean. He’s not like that in real life though. He’s just a big ginger teddy bear.

On a lighter note, Deano seems to have the hots for Roxy. Will he get lucky?

I’d love him to. He’s hardly had any sex since he’s been in Walford! The trouble is that Roxy’s a bit older than him and not really interested in him as boyfriend material. You never know though…I’m hoping she might change her mind!

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