Death shock for pregnant Ronnie!

EastEnders’ Samantha Womack reveals Ronnie’s got her baby wish and is pregnant… but with the baby’s dad already dead is she doomed again?

Ronnie’s back… Where has she been?

“Who knows where she goes when she goes? She needed a bit of time out to get her head straight.”

It seems to have worked… she’s very upbeat when she gets back.

“She’s really upbeat. She’s pregnant!”

Does her bubble burst when she hears Sam’s bedded Jack and jumped bail?

“You’d think she’d be upset but she tells Roxy she doesn’t care – and she really doesn’t. She’s having the baby she’s longed for. She does still love Jack and always will but this just confirms what she always thought – that he can’t be trusted. He’s slept with her sister and her cousin now. That is a bit much!”

How does Roxy react to the news Ronnie’s pregnant?

“She wants to know who the father is. Ronnie says he’s already scarpered and Roxy guesses it was Owen.”

We all know Owe’’s not scarpered, that Lucas killed him and buried him under Trina’s tree in the Square. Does Ronnie question his disappearance?

“No, she kind of expected it of him. She speaks to his mum Liz and they both agree that Owen is probably sorting out some business somewhere.”

Does she tell Liz about the baby?

“She doesn’t want Liz interfering. She intended to go it alone when she got pregnant. This is her baby – not Owen’s.”

How pregnant is Ronnie?

“It’s very early as she only slept with Owen three weeks ago, but she’s obviously missed her period and done a test as soon as she could. I imagine she has a bulk load of pregnancy tests stashed somewhere!”

Is her having a baby all that matters?

“It has been since Danielle died. She thinks a baby is the only thing that will mend her broken heart.”

Is this really the end of her baby obsession or might there be one final twist still to come?

“You never know with EastEnders, do you? If something does go wrong it would probably push her over the edge and she might be a bit unpredictable…”

We’ve seen pictures of Ronnie getting arrested – what has she done?

“You’ll have to wait and see!”

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