EastEnders’ Diane Parish warns Denise would be a fool to trust Owen again…

How does Denise find out Owen is back?
“She comes home from holiday to find Libby celebrating her engagement in The Vic – which she also knew nothing about. Owen tries to sneak out but Denise spots him.”

How does Denise feel seeing him again?
“She’s horrified. When she went to see Owen in prison, she thought that was it. She’d done what he and Libby wanted and she’d never have to see him again.

Does she feel betrayed?
“Totally. By her family and by Patrick. They’ve bought into Owen’s reformed character act but Denise has heard it all before.”

What does she think about Libby getting engaged to Darren?
“She likes Darren but thinks Libby is too young to make such a big commitment. She even goes as far as saying she won’t go to the wedding. Libby’s a bright girl and Denise wants her to go to uni and succeed, not get married and stay in Walford.”

Why does Denise change her mind and speak to Owen?
“Everybody is pressurising her to talk to him – even Lucas. In the end, she does it for Libby, but it’s not easy. This man put his hands around her throat remember.”

How does their talk go?
“When she saw Owen in prison, he was different, telling her he wanted her to be happy. He’s the same when they meet and she starts to wonder if he really means it.”

Is that why she agrees to meet him again in the park?
“Yes, but when she sees him with a big bloke she changes her mind and leaves. Later Libby tells her the man is Owen’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. Owen wanted Denise to meet him to see how well he was doing.”

Does that make her drop her guard a bit?
“She apologises to Owen and he starts to reminisce about past times, but she reminds him of how he abused her. Later she tells Lucas that forgiveness is not easy.”

We all know Lucas killed Trina to protect his relationship with Denise… Is there a chance he might do the same to Owen?
“I can’t imagine there is any danger of Denise wanting to be with Owen because she knows nothing of what happened to Trina and is in love with Lucas. I don’t know what they are going to dish up this time but Owen has to be back for a reason…”

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