EastEnders newcomer Jamie Foreman confessed his character Derek Branning is so nasty he makes him cringe.

The oldest Branning brother has just arrived in Albert Square after serving 10 years in prison for armed robbery, and the Layer Cake star told Daybreak he couldn’t believe what a bad guy he is.

Jamie said: “He’s so nasty this guy, he’s so horrible he makes me cringe!”

But he also revealed that hardman Derek doesn’t think of himself as the bad guy.

He said: “I try to explain this to everybody, he thinks he’s the good guy, it’s everybody else who thinks he’s bad.”

Jamie has played similar roles before in films ,but revealed playing a hardman in EastEnders meant he had couldn’t leave his character behind when he finished work.

He said: “I have played a lot of those kind of characters before, but I try to bring something different to each one of them.

“When you do a show like this you want to hit the floor running and make him warm and make the audience take to him as quickly as possible, so you keep him a little bit more close to yourself.

“Not necessarily all the nasty things he does, but all his mannerisms and the way he moves and things.”

Jamie added that hardened criminal Derek would be bringing plenty of trouble to Albert Square.