When a mysterious figure started following her round EastEnders late last year, Stacey was convinced she had a stalker. But no sooner had the stranger introduced himself as her half-brother Kyle, Stacey’s mental health disintegrated and she was sectioned.

Now on the road to recovery, Stacey leaves hospital on day release and returns to the Square, where she bumps into Kyle again. Considering Kyle was accused of being the Devil by Stacey while she was in the grip of postpartum psychosis, it would seem the least he can expect is an apology…


The tension between Stacey and Kyle is obvious as he tries to break the ice…


But when Kyle opens up about his troubled past, Stacey softens and invites him to stay at her place.


It appears the pair have finally connected as they share a warm hug.

Later, Stacey and Kyle get to know each other better – but could Stacey be making a big mistake in getting closer to her half-brother?

Watch the drama develop on EastEnders from Monday, March 21 on BBC1.