Donna’s bombshell in EastEnders: ‘Give me a baby, Vincent!’

First, EastEnders’ Donna wants Kush to be the father of her baby, Lisa Hammond tells Soaplife. Then she asks her foster brother, Vincent, instead!

This all starts to unravel when Donna gets drunk, right?
“Yes. She’s had a few in the Vic and Kush steps in to take her home when she gets a bit shouty… and she makes a move. It’s a spontaneous decision. Kush [Davood Ghadami] is just a good friend. But she sees he’d be a brilliant dad.”

Why does Donna want a baby so much?
“She’s always wanted kids but it’s also to do with her being lonely. It’s partly sparked by seeing Vincent [Richard Blackwood] with Pearl, too, and the fact everyone else seems to have their families but she doesn’t.”

Then she asks Vincent…
“And he’s shocked! He knew Donna wanted a child and she was seriously looking into how to make it happen. But it’s a surprise that she’s asked him. He was never expecting it.”

What makes her turn to Vincent?
“She looks around her at the men in her life and she sees how Vincent is with Pearl. Regardless of the other things he might do, she thinks she’ll have a good chance of getting him to be there for her. He’s always giving her what she wants and looking out for her. All Donna asks is that Vincent will seriously consider it and he’s doing that.”

What will Donna do if Vincent says “no”?
“She hasn’t thought that far ahead. Vincent’s her best option and she’s putting all her eggs in one basket…”

So to speak. What about Kim?
“She knows Kim isn’t going to react well. Donna and Kim [Tameka Empson] are not the best of friends anyway and Kim’s very protective of her family. Donna tries to play it gently with Kim then loses it a bit.”

So Kim’s not fan of the idea?
“Kim thinks it’s a ridiculous suggestion. She’s thinking of the logistics and she realises it would also mean Kim being forced to have a relationship with Donna.”

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