Don’t let him play you for a fool, Dawn

Dawn believes that Rob loves her… Truth is, he’s playing her for a fool, says EastEnders star Kara Tointon…

Dawn is back in Albert Square and ready to play her ace with Rob. What does she do?

“She’s intends to give him an ultimatum. He sent her a text saying ‘I love you’ and she’s going to make him prove it. Of course, she doesn’t know the game he and May are playing and that the text was all May’s doing.”

What’s her plan? “She really tarts herself up – she’s not going for the demure pregnant lady look at all! Then she texts Rob saying, ‘I need to see you’.”

Which turns out to be just what May’s planned…

“Yes. May has it all worked out. She tells Rob to invite Dawn to the flat while she disappears. Dawn turns up and tells Rob that either he leaves May tomorrow or else there won’t be any baby – meaning she’ll have an abortion.”

“Does she really mean that?”

‘Of course not. Deep down she believes that Rob loves her and that they really are going to be a family together. The baby is all part of that dream.”

Where’s May when all this is happening? “She’s watching from the Square and sees them kiss. She’s prepared to suffer Rob being with Dawn to keep her sweet just long enough till it’s too late for Dawn to have an abortion.”

Does May let it go as far as them having sex again?

“She’ll do anything it seems. While Dawn’s there she phones Rob and leaves a message on the answerphone saying she won’t be back that night. She actually wants Rob and Dawn to spend the night together.”

So does Rob finish with May the next day as Dawn wants?

“He says he will and Dawn goes home to wait for his call. The doorbell goes and Dawn expects it to be Rob – but it’s May. She says she hasn’t seen Rob and is just making sure Dawn is ok.”

It’s all part of the plan then?

“Yes. May’s playing for sympathy and thinks if Dawn sees how vulnerable she is she won’t make any more trouble for her.”

And does it work? “It does after Dawn calls Rob and asks him why he hasn’t dumped May. He tells her he can’t because it will destroy her and the silly girl believes he’s genuinely trapped. They do say love is blind, don’t they?”

How long will she wait for him to dump May?

“She will wait as long as it takes although at some point she has to realise she’s been tricked and it’s never going to happen…”

Who do you feel most sorry for in all this?

“Not Rob that’s for sure! I feel sorry for May and Dawn as I think he’s making fools of both of them.”

What will Dawn do if – when – she finds out what May and Rob are doing?

“She’ll want to make their lives hell. I dread to think what she’ll do but it will be really nasty… I hope!”