Dot Branning returns to EastEnders (but what’s Cora up to?)

Having served less than four months of her manslaughter sentence, EastEnders‘ ‘The Walford One’ – AKA Dot Branning – is back in Walford having been released from jail. And as grandson Charlie gives her a warm welcome, it looks like a helping of porridge has done her the world of good; when did we last see Dot looking so full of the joys of life?

It won’t last, of course. And Cora’s shifty behaviour is set to wipe that unusually broad smile from her face.

As Dot settles back into the Square, she tells Charlie of her regret that she didn’t turn her late son, Nick, into the police sooner – and spared her a spell behind bars.


While Dot expresses a wish to be left in peace, Abi, Charlie, Carol and Fatboy have laid on a welcome home tea for her.


As Dot makes herself at home again, she’s shocked to discover there are two urns in her cabinet…


Sitting with Jim’s urn, Dot’s reminiscences are interrupted when a police officer arrives with Cora, who promptly makes herself at home.


Dot is mystified by Cora’s refusal to let her help her. Wondering why her friend is behaving so strangely, Dot decides to follow her…


Shadowing her around the Square, it’s not long before Dot discovers Cora’s shocking secret…


…she’s living in Patrick’s shed in the allotments!


Taken aback, Dot comes up with a plan to help her friend. But will Cora accept her offer of help?

Watch Dot’s return to the Square on EastEnders, BBC1, from Monday, September 7.




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