EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks says Janine may have lost her sugar daddy (again) but she’s not beaten yet…

Does Janine really think she’s in Archie’s will after he double-crossed her?

“She does. She believed him when he said he’d changed his will. Yes, he kicked her out of The Vic and said he used her… but deep down she thought he had feelings for her.”

Did she go back to The Vic on the day that Archie died?

“We didn’t see Janine go there on screen but you never know what might come out.”

Will she turn out to be the killer?

“I’ve got no idea. None of us have. Janine can do some terrible things but I don’t think she killed Archie. However I could be wrong.”

Do the police believe she’s innocent?

“At the moment, yes. She’s in the clear.”

Does she have a proper alibi?

“She says she was in the flat at the time of the murder and nobody’s proved otherwise.”

Whatever’s in the will, we do know Janine is out for Ian’s blood again. Why?

“She finds out he went to The Vic on Xmas Day and stole Archie’s laptop with the proof of her and him having sex. She wants £10,000 to keep quiet. He gives her £500 and when she taunts him he lashes out and cuts her lip. Then he tells her she has no proof as the laptop is at the bottom of the canal.”

But she has got proof…

“She has a copy of the sex tape and she’s so furious Ian hasn’t caved in to her demands she gives it to the police. She tells them Ian attacked her when he found out about it and says he threw the laptop in the canal.”

Do the cops believe her?

“Yes. They arrest Ian and he says it’s all lies… until they produce the laptop.”

Ian’s actually charged with murder. Why would Janine let that happen?

“To teach him a lesson.”

Does Jane find out about Ian and Janine?

“She knows everything before Ian’s arrest. She wanted him to pay off Janine as she didn’t want trouble when they’re being assessed for adoption. After Ian’s charged, Jane calls her ‘a lying back-stabbing tart!’”

Is Ryan on Janine’s side?

“He says she makes him sick after what she does to Ian. But I’m sure she’ll rise like a phoenix from the ashes like she always does!”

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