EastEnders’s Charlie Clements reveals Bradley could have killed Archie… and he doesn’t care if Bradley leaves Enders dead or alive!

How did Bradley feel in the short space of time he thought the baby was his?
“Elated. It put right the wrong of Stacey’s abortion and he was thrilled that, finally, he had the chance to be a dad.”

Has he got any doubts about being the baby’s dad now he knows it is Archie’s?
“He did but he’s grown up a lot since then and he’s happy to stand by Stacey and the baby now and put the past behind him. It’s a new start for them all.”

How does he feel now that Stacey has said she can’t leave Walford?
“He thinks they should leave. Secrets don’t last long in Albert Square. Jean’s already twigged the baby isn’t Bradley’s because of the dates and he’s had to lie and say he cheated on Syd.”

What is he scared of?
“If people know it will give Bradley a motive to have murdered Archie. He confronted him at The Vic and punched him so in the eyes of the police he’d be a prime suspect.”

Could he have killed Archie?
“Yes. But I don’t know if he did or who did. Nobody does. It’s quite funny because we all go around accusing each other at work. We won’t know until the live episode.”

Would you like it to be Bradley?
“No, not really. I know that Bradley was very agitated and got aggressive towards Archie but I’m not sure that he’s capable of killing.”

We know you’re leaving… Had you decided to leave before you knew that Bradley and Stacey were set to reunite?
“Yes, I had. I’ve enjoyed working on the soap but I’ve been here for four years and I was afraid that if I stayed any longer I’d always be known as Bradley. I also felt I’d done as much with the character as I could. There’s a limit to how many times Bradley and Stacey can split up and get back together again.”

Do you know your leaving storyline yet?
“I only know part of it. I’m really pleased to be going out on such a huge storyline.

What do you hope to do when you leave?
“My dream would be to work with director Sam Mendes [American Beauty] as I think his stuff’s beautiful. But that‘s a dream. I’m not expecting him to call. I’d like to play different roles and show doubters I can do other stuff.”

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