Former EastEnder Jack Ryder and ex-Hollyoaks babe Jodi Albert have teamed up for new flick Popcorn.

Jack plays comic-loving nerd Danny, who falls for the girl of his dreams Suki (Jodi) and makes a desperate bid to be close to her. He gets a job at the cinema where she works – only to find his first day is her last, prompting a race against time to bag the woman he’s fallenhead over heels for.

Although the movie is a romantic comedy, Jack insisted he wasn’t looking for a laugh with every line. Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I played the role straight and deadpan. I tend to get more results this way.”

For Jodi, the hardest part was the kissing scene. She admitted it was tough to do, thanks to the fact 20 people were in the room at the time.

However, she added that both she and Jack are professionals and happy to get on with the job.

The actress insisted her boyfriend, Westlife singer Kian Egan, understood what her day job entailed and was fine about her puckering up to lock lips with male co-stars.

Popcorn hits UK cinemas on March 2.

VIDEO: Watch a trailer for Popcorn