EastEnders’ Adam Woodyatt bites back at Lord Sugar after he tells him to go on a diet

Lord Sugar and Adam Woodyatt from EastEnders (AKA Ian Beale) have continued their bizarre Twitter spat, with Adam ribbing his friend about looking overweight in a snap.

The Apprentice boss posted a picture wearing his new Piaget watch, but Adam was quick to point out the strap was looking a little tight.


Adam got his own back after Lord Sugar sent a series of tweets criticising the actor’s weight that earned him a backlash on the social media site for body shaming.

On October 12, Lord Sugar went on a odd rant at Adam, telling him to go on a diet, calling him ‘heart attack material’ and accusing his dressing room of having a permanent smell of curry early in the morning.



After the story was picked up in the press, The Apprentice boss went into overdrive, defending his comment as a joke between old friends and telling concerned tweeters to ‘shut your trap’.



We wait in anticipation for Lord Sugar’s next response.


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