EastEnders’ Adam Woodyatt: ‘You learn more about Lucy after she’s dead’

EastEnders’ Adam Woodyatt reveals to Soaplife that Ian will never get over Lucy’s violent death…

As one of the original Albert Square residents, Ian has experienced enough drama for 15 lifetimes, but nothing can compare to the devastation he feels at losing his daughter, Lucy, victim of cold-blooded murder.

“When Ian is given the news he can’t believe it,” Adam tells Soaplife. “He’s devastated. Life for the family will never be the same again.” And he’s in for a long wait to find out who killed his child…

What happens after Lucy’s death?
“The events are focused on the Beales and their grief. The scripts are beautifully written, some of the best I’ve ever read. And as I’ve been here 30 years, that’s saying something. Everyone who has worked on this story, from the writers to the crew, have really given it their all.”

Do you know who killed Lucy?
“No. Apart from the bosses, no one here has a clue. Everyone has a different theory, which seems to change every day. I knew about the story when Dominic Treadwell-Collins, our new executive producer, arrived. I was told it would involve a huge list of suspects and the clever thing is, you learn more about Lucy after she’s dead. We’ve seen her relationships with Max and Lee, but other things come to light. It’s more of a mystery than the classic whodunit.”

Are you finding it tough to film Ian’s grief?
“Well, it’s extremely emotional. I’ve had lots of challenging storylines, but this one is totally different as it is of a father losing his daughter very suddenly. It’s raw and you can’t hold back.”

What will happen to Ian and his family now?
“It’s going to be tough. Not only has Ian lost a daughter, but also Peter has lost his twin. It’s a big loss for the Square, too, as Lucy meant so much to so many people. This is not something I can imagine Ian ever getting over.”

Who will support Ian through his trauma?
“The obvious person would be Denise, but they’ve had their troubles recently. Having Jane back is a real support for Ian. I don’t think he or the rest of the family could function without her at this time.”


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